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Born in Germany in 1976 I have been a creative mind for as long I can think back. Form a very young age I have expressed this creativity in color. Computers came into my life in the late 80s and changed a lot for me. I have been fascinated by these machines and understood very quickly that the are amazing tools for creative work.

I started to work with Photoshop in the early 90s and have been ever since.

Today I can look back at over 20 years of experience in digital artworking. This is an important aspect of my life and my art is always influenced by personal experience.




Open mindedness is one of my paramount believes. I am open toward new influences and do not shy away from new horizons. To document my feelings toward certain external influences I choose different forms of art. This new website focuses on my digitally created art, both for the screen and for print.

Artistic expression

My main artistic output takes shape in my music. I have been making music and playing in bands since 1989. At the moment I focus heavily on electronic music. My main band ALPHAMAY has made six albums and is frequently touring Europe and Russia. Other music projects I am involved in are ANALOGE STEREOIDE, ARMITAGE, LUFTKRAFT, CEN and DORFSCHMIDT//GRÖHDER.

DORFSCHMIDT//GRÖHDER is a multimedia project that combines music, lighting and laser to form a perfomance to be enjoyed with more than one sense at a time. We mainly set up our shows in churches to work with the architectural aspects of these buildings.


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Do you want custom work, collaborate artistically or simply have a question?

I always love to meet new people, talk about new ideas and make something happen together.
Each and every great thing in live has a starting point.

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